I came to you just after moving to Berlin, at a time when wasn't sure what to do with my songs and my fears. I had found your flyer and had my first Musicoaching with you. I'll never forget that first session. It has become an important companion on my musical path.

You are an incredibly inspiring person for me, with your absolute clarity, your strong personality, combining seriousness and lightness, child-like joy and conscientiousness. Again and again, I draw inspiration from these special characteristics and from your curiosity about life, as well as the trusting and loving way you engage with people. I am very grateful for repeatedly having the possibility to experience these qualities, to learn from you, and to make music with you!


Ute Kneisel, singer/songwriter, illustrator

I've never felt as relaxed in a coaching session as I do with Gabriella. Yes, relaxation is the greatest quality that I have gotten out of these sessions. They are simply very pleasant, thanks to Gabriella's warmth and concentration. I feel confirmed in having permission to be a cellist and musician in my own unique way. The opening question -- “How are you?”-- invites me to share things I'm dealing with or that might be blocking me. This clears the path for music. She doesn't just ask the question, she really listens to what I have to say, opening the space to whatever needs to come out.

I used to have to apply “discipline” when practicing the cello and even pushed aside uncomfortable “disturbing” feelings so that I could work. Now, my playing improves after asking myself what might be in the way, and what I can do to feel better while playing. This way discipline comes by itself!

The mental preparation for a solo performance was especially helpful: Gabriella asked me about my goals for the performance, what I was afraid of, and what I knew would go well. We discussed these questions in great detail. This brought me such clarity. It was even fun to fantasize in every detail about the worst case scenarios. And it made it all less scary. “Even if all this were to happen, it wouldn't be tragic. Besides, I couldn’t possibly manage to fail in all these ways.” Then I imagined how good I would feel while playing and talking to the audience. In the end the performance turned out great!


Hanna Rexheuser, cello performance artist

I used to be frustrated with my cello playing because I didn't know how to improve it. Musicoaching gave me many tools with which to develop my playing. After every session I feel motivated to practice. Gabriella answers my many questions about cello technique precisely and patiently. She explains things thoroughly and intelligently. Thanks to Gabriella's detailed knowledge of the mental and physical requirements of music making I now feel comfortable playing the cello. The sessions are not only helpful for my cello playing but also have an impact on the rest of my life, for instance in dealing with emotions.


Edgar Schubert, university student

After my daughter became seriously ill nothing felt the same anymore. The ground on which I used to stand securely became muddy, slippery, and unsafe.

With Gabriella I could address the many questions that arose. In every session we added another shovel of solid ground under my feet, and I could advance. Her many creative ideas in our conversations and the body work she did with me created great trust. This made it possible for me to work through all the questions that I was dealing with. I am very grateful to Gabriella for this!


Frauke Huhs, violist

MUSICOACHING definitely did wonders for me!

In the spring of 2007 I decided to audition for a permanent job in the Flemish Radio Orchestra. When Gabriella offered to help me prepare for the audition, I jumped at the opportunity. We had 7 sessions in the weeks before the audition, and it was definitely very different from conventional music teaching! Gabriella started each session by asking “How are you doing today?” and then we'd take it from there. When cello playing was the last thing l felt like doing, we would concentrate on the psychological and emotional side of preparing for a stressful event like an orchestra audition, aided by exercises drawn from Gabriella's vast experience in fields like yoga, 5Rhythms dance, and of course music-making. At other times we simply talked. The result was amazing: Whatever apprehensions, old fears or lack of self-confidence I might have felt to begin with would suddenly be far away. After a while, the cello would seem less scary, and I would sit down and play with a totally new feeling of freedom.

And that is the word that describes these sessions with Gabriella the best: FREEDOM! Freedom to feel good, freedom to feel down, freedom to be angry, freedom to be sad, freedom to speak your mind, freedom to play lousily, freedom to simply BE.

I can definitely recommend MUSICOACHING to anyone who has ever had doubts about themselves or their artistic activities, or who simply wishes to expand their creative horizon. Gabriella will search with you until she finds solutions that work for YOU.

And yes, my audition was successful!


Kirsten Andersen, cellist, member of the Flemish Radio Orchestra (now “Brussels Philharmonic”) since September 2007

When I started preparing for my Master's exam in viola da gamba at the Brussels Conservatory I felt very much under pressure because at the same time, I was also in an other program at a second conservatory and was giving concerts. I felt the need for support.

I worked with Gabriella six times in the course of two months. Every session was different. In the first session we spoke about how I could make ends meet in the midst of all the various activities I was involved in, and how I could deal with time pressure and stress, which was blocking me in my practicing.

What helped me most in this phase was 5Rhythms Dance to which Gabriella introduced me. She guided me through the different energies, which is exactly what I needed at the time in order to find a better balance inside myself. I developed the habit of dancing before I started practicing in order to release my inner pressure - this enabled me to be much more concentrated and "in the flow" than before.

Another time we took the most difficult passages from my exam pieces and practiced together. It was extremely helpful to have someone guide me. I thereby became more calm and patient with myself when practicing. Sometimes Gabriella gave me advice concerning my posture. Sometimes I am in my own way, especially when I am afraid of technically difficult passages. Through her observations I learned to be aware of where I block myself and how I can prevent it. A few times we did yoga exercises, which enabled me to relax deeply. Last but not least I'd like to say that Gabriella supported me greatly with personal problems I was facing at the time. Regardless of with which feeling I came to her, she received me with understanding and an open heart, just the way I was in that moment. She helped me regard myself with more understanding and love. After every session I left her place in a clearer state than when I had arrived.

I can highly recommend MUSICOACHING to everyone who wishes to be supported on his or her musical path.


Romina Lischka, viola da gamba player

I went to have a session with Gabriella to help tackle my insomnia and work-related stress. It had an incredible impact! Gabriella's calmness, insight and relaxing aura had a real positive impact on me. We started the session by talking about the positive and negative factors influencing my state of mind. It really helped to verbalise everything before moving into the yoga part of the session, which was both relaxing and invigorating. Gabriella adjusted the exercises to my level (a real beginner!) and to what she could sense helped me most. We focused on simple breathing exercises to release tension, exercises that I could also do easily at home or at work. The final part of the session, meditation, was really an extraordinary experience: while I lay on my back, Gabriella gently spoke in a rhythmic and relaxing way, guiding me through different images. All three parts of the session fit together so smoothly and by the end I was able to let go of the stress and regain focus. From then on I slept significantly better than before, and was able to put challenges at work into perspective more easily. I can really recommend consulting Gabriella to anyone with similar issues!


Rachelle Antal, Legal Officer

I went to Gabriella to embark on a voice adventure. Singing liberates me, gives me joy and brings me to who I am. To share this with others is a real treat.

Gabriella makes me aware of my posture, lets me feel the difference between singing while seated and singing while standing up. She lets me move in a relaxed way, so that I let go and can feel the pureness and authenticity of the sound flowing through my body, or notice where it's blocked. Patiently, lovingly and playfully Gabriella encourages me to stay focussed on what's happening inside me. There are no musts. It doesn't matter whether the sound is pretty or not, if I just have the courage to let the moment be what it is.

So I was confronted with my past as a child: I wanted to be one of the best, was ashamed when I didn't succeed at something, or needed more time to understand. At Gabriella's I get space, and that gives me confidence. I learn to be, loving.


Katja Voskresensky, shiatsu therapist and cook