• Do you play an instrument? Do you sing?
  • Would you like to cope better with performance anxiety?
  • Did you make music as a child, and would you like to take it up again?
  • Would you like to feel better physically while you play?
  • Do you wish you were more consistent in practicing?
  • Would you like to have support in realizing your musical dreams?


MUSICOACHING is suited for musicians of all ages. Professionals, graduates preparing for auditions, students, amateurs and beginners are all welcome. It has grown out of my desire to offer something more than traditional music lessons do. Since 2007, I have been supporting people in consciously dealing with their body, their breath, and their emotions. I have been helping them address the many issues around music-making for which there is usually no time in conventional instrumental or voice lessons. MUSICOACHING will help you clarify how to continue on your musical path, and help liberate you from inhibitions, so that the music can flow freely.



  • 40 years as a performing cellist
  • 13 years as a MUSICOACH
  • 11 years in a professional symphony orchestra
  • yoga teacher (certified by YOGA ALLIANCE)
  • frequent performances as a singer
  • training at the "Berliner Institut für tiefenpsychologische und existentielle Psychotherapie (BITEP)
  • 25 years of spiritual practice

In-depth experience with:

  • 5 Rhythms Dance
  • The Enneagram
  • Bio-energetics
  • meditation with Joe Dispenza
  • singing as a spiritual practice
  • "The Artist's Way" (Julia Cameron)
  • Performing Arts Pyhsiology (Kristin Guttenberg)

Coachings usually last 90 minutes and are held in Berlin - Charlottenburg. Online sessions are also possible.


Gabriella coaches in ENGLISH or GERMAN, and is also fluent in HUNGARIAN, DUTCH and FRENCH.


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